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just ignore this readmore I’m being a huge nerd and I’m having feelings towards wilt again

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i’m going to bed now, goodnight everyone! uwu

http://fouinar.tumblr.com/post/98763280875/100-followers-giveaway fouinar

100 followers giveaway



hello hello thanks for following guys!! to celebrate reaching over 100 followers i’m having a mini art giveaway!

like and/or reblog to enter to win a colored sketch like these



i will also select two runner-ups to receive a a simple flat-colored sketch image

giveaway ends october 3rd!

http://phantomthelabrat.tumblr.com/post/98766169234/i-use-these-skills-myself-and-i-felt-it-would-be phantomthelabrat


I use these skills myself, and I felt it would be nice to share them so others can use them as well!

chuchupowers asked: Thanks for following!!!! sorry it is so late. I haven't gotten a chance to check tumblr until now but your blog is awesome as heck :D

aaa you’re welcome uwu

and thank you!

sometimes i wonder if people off tumblr that are in the foster’s fandom know about me and how wilt’s my imaginary friend and how he changed my life

the thought of it kind of scares me tbh???? idk


#gOD YOU LO v E EAC HT OTHER S OF UCK ING MUCH #hELp mE, #perfectly spelled otp tag, #perfectly spelled character tag

i think a lot about wilt trying to impress frankie with his Mad Basketball Skills but ends up being too nervous and stuff about it and just hhHH

i feel like i messed this uP but i hope u like iT STILL THO

http://yorshs.tumblr.com/post/60469451325 yorshs
http://galactic-castle.tumblr.com/post/94766258569 galactic-castle
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